• How can you treat head lice naturally?

There are many natural head lice treatments for those who don’t want to use commercial head lice shampoos. You’ll find detailed information here on home remedies for getting rid of head lice.

  • What is the OTC failure rate for head lice?

This is very variable and depends mainly on the following:

1) where you live: scientific studies have shown that in some areas and regions head lice are resistant to many OTC treatments

2) if your child has already been treated with the product many times: scientific studies have shown that OTC treatments don’t work very well on children who have been treated many times with them.

3) how you apply the product: OTC treatments have to be used following very carefully the directions of the manufacturer.

  • How long can you reuse OTC lice treatments?

It depends if you see results or not. If your child has head lice and you apply an OTC lice treatment with success, and then your child gets infested again a few weeks or months later, you can apply the treatment again.

Make sure to read instructions on the bottle to see if the product once opened will still be effective if reused.

But if you apply the OTC treatment with no result (which means your child still has head lice after the treatment), you should be very careful. Manufacturers of chemical lice treatments and lice shampoos will often advise you not to apply their product more than twice if you see no results.

Then, if your child keeps being infested with head lice, you should not keep on applying OTC treatments many times either, as they can have dangerous side-effects and be harmful for your child, and/or contribute to increase the resistance of head lice to these products.

  • Why is it that lice treatments won’t work?

The main reason why head lice shampoos and chemical lice treatments won’t work is because they were not applied properly, following the directions exactly (and we really mean, exactly).

The other reason chemical head lice treatments wont work is because head lice are resistant to them in some regions.

Then you should choose a natural lice treatment instead.

  • What to do when lice treatments fail?

If you have applied a head lice shampoo or chemical lice treatment that failed, first make sure that you have followed EXACTLY the directions of the manufacturer of the product.

If not, then apply a second time (read directions to see after how much time you can safely repeat the treatment) following directions exactly. Then if it fails again, stop using this product and consult with your doctor or apply a good home remedy.

If you have applied a non chemical treatment, you should also apply it the right way if you want it to be effective.

  • How to treat head lice while pregnant?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, make sure you don’t use OTC treatments or medicated shampoos. Natural treatments are not all safe either. If you have patience the best treatment is using tweezers or your fingers to remove adult lice, and using nit combs to remove all nits. But if you really want to apply a treatment, the best thing to do is check with your doctor first.

  • Can you use raid spray on head lice on the bed?

You should not use raid spray on the bed because it contains substances that are toxic for humans and especially children. Moreover, raid spray is not proven at all to kill head lice. If you think that there are hairs with lice on them in the bed, simply change your bedding.

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