There is nothing pleasant about your kids bringing head lice home from the school or the day care center. Although a head lice infestation is not dangerous for their health, it is still quite disgusting for many of us and parents want to know how to kill lice as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some ready made products and their alternative to kill lice.

You can most of the time choose between an over the counter lice shampoo or a prescription lice treatment. Most of these products use some kind of pesticide as a lice killer.

If the head lice have not gained resistance to the pesticide you are using, they can be killed fast. They usually die 10 to 30 minutes after the application of a head lice shampoo.

However, lately, head lice resistance has become a major problem for both parents and doctors.

The lice that survived the chemical treatment have the ability to pass on their genes to their babies and new lice become resistant to pesticides as well.

Another problem with using chemical pesticides in shampoos for killing lice is that these can be toxic for people. Small kids can especially suffer from side effects after being treated with such shampoos.

Health consequences have to be considered when treating kids for lice.

There is an effective alternative to over-the-counter head lice treatments. Those are homemade head lice remedies.

Here is how to kill head lice naturally with them. When you use a natural remedy, you do not use any poisonous chemicals; you use what is called a physical pesticide. This means, you kill lice by suffocating them.

Mixes of carrier oils like olive oil and essential oils or mayonnaise are good examples of such lice killers. You can take mayonnaise and put it on your child’s hair and scalp.

It feels greasy, but it usually works well to kill adult lice. You should know that oils are effective only for killing adult lice. They cannot kill nits, the lice’s eggs.

This treatment should stay on your kid’s hair for about 2 hours. Then you wash the hair with warm water and shampoo it well. It takes a couple of washings to get rid of mayonnaise. This is good because you can wash off both dead and live lice.

After washing the hair you may want to comb lice and their eggs out. For this, you should get a lice comb. It has many teeth and combs out the lice and nits well.

Remember, mayonnaise, vaseline or oils can kill adult lice or nymphs (lice’s babies) only. So, how to kill lice and eggs? To really get rid of lice, you need to remove all the nits, too. Else, they hatch and re-infest your child with lice. 

Vinegar is one of the simplest, safest and most efficient home remedies used to kill nits. What it does is it dissolves the cement that glues nits to the hair. Once this is done, nits easily come off the hair and can be removed manually with a good nit comb.

You should mix some vinegar with water and wet the entire hair and scalp with it. Then you take a lice comb and dip it into vinegar. You comb the hair lock by lock and after every stroke you dip the comb into vinegar. Then you wash the hair with shampoo.

If you cannot kill lice, maybe this is because you have only applied a treatment that kills adults, not eggs. Or you didn’t repeat the treatment after 7 days, and nits have hatched.

This is often the main reason why lice keep coming back. Make sure to kill all the eggs if you don’t want to be re-infested.