Your kids came back home with head lice again and you are tired of using lice shampoos, or maybe you had no success with chemical products, and you are looking for a home remedy for head lice.

Many parents use natural lice treatments like those used by our grand-mothers when they saw that children were scratching their heads. They used them to get rid of head lice and also to prevent them. Here are a few examples of home remedies for treating head lice.

Number 1 home remedy for head lice: Vinegar

Vinegar is certainly the most well-known and used head lice home remedy. Vinegar, although not 100% effective (just like any other head lice treatment or remedy by the way), will help to get rid of head lice eggs.

It will dissolve the cement that glues the nits to the hair and it will be much easier to comb them out.

You can apply hot vinegar on dry hair or you can also mix vinegar and water and apply this after a tea tree oil shampoo.

Once applied, put a tight plastic wrap on the hair and leave it on for about 2 hours before combing nits out. You should repeat the treatment later on.

If you want more information on which type of vinegar you can use to treat head lice, just read this article about the vinegar lice treatment.

Vinegar will help you kill head lice eggs, however it will not act against adult lice. To get rid of adult head lice and nymphs, you can use oily substances.

Getting rid of head lice with an olive oil or mayonnaise home remedy.

You can apply olive oil or mayonnaise (see: mayonnaise to treat head lice) to the hair, making sure you coat the hair very well.

Then, wrap the hair and leave on for a couple of hours, preferably 3 to 4 hours. Oil will suffocate the lice because its viscosity will prevent adults and nymphs from breathing.

Then, remove the oil with a regular shampoo and comb dead adult lice out.

Each home remedy for head lice that follows can also be used to fight these parasites

  • Eucalyptus and lemon: boil eucalyptus leaves for about 15 minutes in 1 liter of water, add the juice of a lemon, put this mixture on the hair making sure you coat it thoroughly, and leave it on for half an hour.
  • Quassia amara lotion: Quassia amara is a plant that has the properties of an insecticide, this is why you can use it against head lice. It is also called bitterwood. You need to put 20 grams of the bark of quassia amara in a quarter of a liter alcohol 96º; this mixture should be left to rest for 24 to 48 hours.

    Then it is applied like a lotion and is massaged onto the scalp daily, making sure it penetrates into the hair. This should rid you of adult lice and nymphs. To make sure you also kill head lice eggs, use a vinegar lice treatment as explained above.

  • Coconut oil: it will act just like another oil and will suffocate adult lice. But the main advantage of coconut oil is that you can also use it as a means of prevention of head lice. It can be used as often as you like, it is very good for your hair and very bad for head lice who hate this smell.

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