Head Lice Videos

These videos of head lice will help you check your kids for lice because you get to see the lice crawling or moving through the hair or on a comb.

Lice are magnified in the videos, their real size is much smaller.

The videos below might help you identify lice better than head lice pictures.

The following video shows a louse on the skin. Note that lice will only stay in your hair, and not crawl on your skin.

So, the louse one the skin here is just for the purpose of the video, to help you see what lice look like and to help you identify them on your children’s heads.

And below is the award-winning video of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. The video covers all aspects of how to treat head lice, such as what are lice and their eggs, how to check for lice, how to comb out lice with a good nit comb and some simple home remedies such as olive oil, and how to prevent head lice both at home and in school settings.

This video does feature live lice that are highly magnified, not real size lice.