Head lice removal is not an easy task to manage. However, it can be done safely and successfully if you learn a few useful facts on head lice before you start the removal process.

Here are some important facts about head lice and various methods of treatment, together with some safety rules. You will also learn more about professional lice removal services.

Lice are pesky parasites and the first desire you have when catching them is to get rid of them. But infestation risks have to be matched to head lice treatment risks.

In many countries a number of pesticides are used to remove or kill lice. However, some of them can have dangerous side effects and can be toxic to people.

Another point you need to know about lice is that many treatments used to kill adult lice do not kill nits, the head lice eggs. Head lice are small insects which live only on humans and feed on their blood.

Lice reproduce by laying eggs, called nits. As the eggs of most species, nits greatly differ from adult lice. Thus, it is no wonder that they cannot be killed with treatments, used for lice and requires a different approach in removal.

Before starting any lice removal process, make sure to take a look at some head lice pictures, to learn more about head lice life cycle, and to understand head lice symptoms. This basic knowledge can help you a lot in your battle against head lice.

Now, there are many head lice shampoos used to kill these insects. Some of them are sold as over-the-counter products, while others can be obtained through a prescription. Most commonly used pesticides in lice shampoos like RID or Nix are pyrethrin or permethrin. These pesticides are comparably safe and do not pollute.

Still, they should be used with care, especially for people with skin problems, with cuts or inflammation, as well as for people with allergies or asthma and for head lice in children.

If applied properly, they should kill lice in about half an hour after the application. However, if live lice are still detected right after the treatment, it can be the case when lice develop resistance to the treatment.

You may do a repeated treatment of pyrethrin, after using permethrin and the other way around. However, you should never use any other insecticides when following up with the first treatment.

You should also know the essential pesticide head lice treatment safety rules. You should avoid getting lice shampoos in your eyes or ears, or on any other parts of the body.

Do not wash off such shampoos by taking a bath or a shower. Wash them off by bowing over the tub or sink to avoid getting them on your neck and face skin.

Shampooing alone may not be as effective, but if you follow it with lice combing, you may succeed in your head lice removal efforts. To do this, you need to get a special lice comb. It is not expensive, but very effective.

After you shampoo the hair, you may put some hair conditioner on and comb the hair lock by lock. After every stroke you make, you need to clean the comb, dipping it into hot water.

If you don’t want to use pesticide shampoos, you should know that natural head lice removal is possible and quite effective: olive oil will help you remove adult lice and nymphs, and a head lice home treatment with vinegar will enable you to remove lice eggs.

Head lice home remedies also work great for head lice prevention, and they should definitely not be overlooked.

Now, if you really don’t feel like removing lice by yourself, you may resort to a special head lice removal service. These companies have the expertise in treating infestations.

You have the option to go to a head lice removal salon, and many of them have home call services, so you would not need to go over to their location if you don’t want to.

Such companies also provide confidential treatment, so you would not need to worry about the word going out of your kids’ or your own lice condition. These services might use natural treatments or pesticides.

In any case, it can be safer to let the professionals handle pesticide lice treatment rather than doing it yourself.

Many such experts would willingly share the information you need for further treatments or home cleaning of head lice. Some companies offer full services of treating people and clearing your home of the parasites. Many companies offer insurance consultations, too.

As you may see, there are many ways to carry out head lice removal. There are some treatments you can apply right in your home, while others may be provided by professionals.

There are also many head lice home remedies available. A combination of such treatments may prove to be the most useful and efficient way to get rid of lice as well as to prevent or avoid future infestations.