A 100% natural head lice treatment to remove head lice is by using nit combs. Of course this will be time-consuming but it definitely works when done properly and thoroughly.

There are different types of head lice combs, including electric ones. Getting the right kind of comb to get rid of lice is important.

In order to free your kids from lice you will need to individually remove both adult lice and nits, which are the eggs that head lice lay. 

Nits will be seen as yellow, tan or brown specks on the shaft of the hair. After the lice eggs have hatched they will look white or clear.

Tips for combing out head lice

When you want to comb out head lice and their eggs you should first put some water on your kid’s head, as wet hair will make this natural head lice treatment much easier.

Then you should divide the hair into approximately one inch sections at a time. Use the nit comb to comb the hair all the way through from the base of the hair to the end.

Of course be careful to wipe off or rinse off the lice comb after each pass, otherwise you will put lice back in the hair and you’ll have to comb again. Continue combing through the hair until it is all done, even if it takes several hours.

Then it is important that you repeat this process within a week or two to make sure you don’t get another infestation, as the eggs that were missed will hatch within 7 days if they have not been removed.

The best head lice comb

This is a common question: what is the best head lice comb? Which nit combs should you use for maximum efficiency?

The best kinds of combs will be metal lice combs, which have long teeth that are finely spaced. Be careful, the space between the handle and the teeth should be sealed to prevent live lice from hiding inside.

Many of the plastic combs that are sold with the medicated shampoos are not fine enough or strong enough to be effective in removing all head lice and nits since the lice eggs are attached to the hair shaft. 

But if you comb the hair through the base of the comb, they do actually work pretty well.

Some people will use tweezers to remove both adult lice and nits, but a head lice comb is easier to use than tweezers.

The difference here is that with tweezers you have to spot the lice and the nits in order to remove them, which is not always possible.

Some people swear by an electronic comb head lice treatment, and actually you could indeed use an electric comb.

The goal of an electric comb is to break the life cycle of the louse, and they will effectively kill head lice.

The head lice electric comb, although his name can be frightening, is a completely safe product: no flash, just a sound that stops and resumes progressively when the lice are dead. It is powered by a single AA battery and will detect and destroy lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. 

When the comb’s metal teeth touch lice, the lice get zapped and die. They then get combed out of the hair. It can be used as often as you like and stored and used again in the future.

The drawback of the electric comb is that this device doesn’t kill the nits, which have to be removed manually with a regular nit comb. The comb is sometimes improperly called electric nit comb, which is misleading as it lets you think that lice eggs will be removed this way, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you use the electric comb every day this will prevent new lice from laying eggs. This natural head lice treatment can last from 7 to 15 days, and then, goodbye head lice. Indeed, it takes the nits about 7 days to hatch, and then it takes the louse about 7 days to become adults and begin to lay eggs.

So, if all the nits have not been removed manually with a comb, when the eggs hatched, it is necessary to use the electric comb before the lice can reproduce themselves.

Combs, whether traditional lice combs or electric combs, are a good alternative to using medicated shampoos that contain pesticides. They play an essential role the treatment of head lice.

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