If you have live lice or nits in your hair, you have a head lice infestation and you will probably start looking for all possible effective treatments to get rid of them. You might ask yourself the following question: does Head and Shoulders kill lice?

Some people think Head And Shoulders shampoo can be a treatment and can help them get rid of lice. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

If you apply Head And Shoulders shampoo and think that you have gotten rid of lice, then it most probably means that you didn’t have lice at all in the first place.

Can Head And Shoulders kill lice?

No, it can’t. The first fact is that Head & Shoulders shampoo is not effective for treating head lice.

The active chemical in Head & Shoulders shampoo is Zinc Pyrithione. This chemical substance successfully kills fungus and bacteria. It is a strong germ killer. But this chemical is not useful for killing head lice.

The reason why some people believe Head And Shoulders can help them to treat lice is because they take dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis for head lice.

First of all, head lice eggs, also called nits, truly resemble dandruff. Especially dead nits look very much like dandruff.

Then, dandruff, dry scalp or dermatitis symptoms are also similar to head lice symptoms, mainly an itchy scalp and irritation.

Live nits are firmly attached to the hair. They cannot be easily removed, unlike dandruff. They have a light yellowish or whitish color.

Even though zinc pyrithione provides a very efficient treatment for dandruff and other skin problems, it is incapable of treating any degree of head lice infestation. So, does Head And Shoulders kill lice? No, it doesn’t. Neither can it kill nits.

Now, can head and shoulders shampoo prevent head lice? Officially, it cannot be used for preventing head lice infestations. But some readers shared that it could actually be an effective way to keep lice away, because of dimethicone, an ingredient present in this shampoo.