Head Lice Prevention Tips

Preventing head lice is something very few people know about. However, it is really possible to take simple measures that can greatly help your children to keep head lice away. The first basic measure is to avoid head-to-head contact, but you can also use natural products to repel head lice.

In this section we will see how you can avoid contamination, how to prevent head lice in schools, and how to prevent head lice in children.

Then you will also find detailed information on which shampoos you can use for head lice prevention, and how you can keep lice away by using essential oils.

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Managing Head Lice In Schools: School and Parent’s Responsibilities

Head lice infestation is not a dangerous condition but it causes high anxiety among parents, children and in schools. School aged children are at greatest risk to contract head lice. Managing head lice in schools is very important because it is in the school setting that head lice is most likely to be transferred. To […]

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How to Prevent Head Lice in Children

Tens of millions of school aged children get head lice every year worldwide. To avoid having to deal with this condition, preventing head lice in children is a good solution. But few people actually know how to prevent head lice. Although this is not always possible, of course, we can still take basic measures such […]

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FAQ – Prevent Head Lice

How do I prevent my child from getting head lice? The best thing you can do to prevent your child from getting head lice is tell him to really avoid head-to-head contacts with his friends and avoid sharing belongings that come into contact with the head. If your child does not touch anyone’s head with […]

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How To Prevent Head Lice In Schools

Head lice is a major nuisance that affects millions of school aged children worldwide, and are  mainly transmitted in schools, where children study, eat and play together all day long. How to prevent head lice in schools? Here are some tips for teachers to prevent head lice and help control infestations. Why head lice prevention […]

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3 Shampoos You Can Use to Prevent Head Lice

Many people are thinking of using shampoos for head lice prevention. But there are some do’s and don’ts, and here are some shampoos to use to prevent head lice, as well as some shampoos that you should avoid when it comes to preventing head lice. Head lice spread through direct head-to-head contact. The first head […]

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How to Prevent Head Lice Using Essential Oils

When the kids are back to school, so are head lice…this is still a condition dreaded by many parents, as it is a source of anxiety, shame, and stress. Head lice prevention is essential, because if you can avoid that your kids catch these parasites, this will be better for everyone in the family, and […]

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Preventing Head Lice: How To Avoid Contamination

Pediculosis of the scalp is not serious as such, but this disease is very contagious. If only one person is affected, an entire class, a group of children on vacation or a family can suffer a head lice infestation. Head lice are not easy to treat, so if you can make preventing head lice your […]

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