Head Lice and Lice Eggs – Articles, Pictures and FAQ

In this section on head lice and lice eggs you will find head lice pictures, lice eggs pictures, as well as detailed information about head lice symptoms, head lice life cycle, and how you can get head lice.

Before starting any head lice treatment, it is essential to make sure you are really dealing with head lice. In this section we teach you how to identify head lice step-by-step and give you many pictures of adult lice as well as head lice eggs, also called nits. We also tell you about common head lice symptoms.

You will find an article with the most common myths that surround head lice and the corresponding facts. This will help you understand how head lice spread, and how you can get them.

We will also go into details on head lice life cycle. It is essential to understand how lice live and reproduce so that you can properly apply lice treatments. Getting rid of head lice is much more complicated than just putting a shampoo on the head and rinse it off. Once you really understand the life cycle of lice you will be far more successful in your battle against head lice.

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What Do Head Lice Look Like?

When your child is bringing head lice home, the first thing you’ll want to do is check if this is really head lice. And your first question will probably be: What does head lice look like? This will depend if we are looking for adult lice, nymphs, or head lice eggs, also called nits. In […]

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What are the common symptoms of head lice?

If you have just received a notification from the school announcing an outbreak of head lice, it is very likely that whenever your child will be scratching his head you’ll begin to think that he has head lice. In order to avoid an overreaction and a wrong diagnosis, it is crucial that you understand what […]

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Lice Eggs vs Dandruff: How Can You Tell?

When you receive a school notice about head lice, or when you want to check your child for lice, you don’t always know what lice eggs look like. How do lice eggs vs dandruff look? How can you tell the difference? When you look at your child’s head, you see some white flecks the size […]

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Do Lice Jump?

When you get head lie or when your children bring lice back from school or Sports clubs, the first questions that pops into your mind are: how did they get this? Can head lice jump from one’s head to another’s? Do lice jump? The truth is that head lice are human parasites that, contrary to […]

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Itchy Scalp: Is It Head Lice?

An itchy scalp can be incredibly irritating, particularly if it has been causing discomfort for an extended period. Whilst the temptation to scratch the area is very strong, you are as likely to inflame the situation further as you are to relieve your symptoms. It is important that you understand while you have an itchy […]

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What Is Lice? – Lice Infestation Basics

What is lice? Lice are parasitic insects that live on the human hair and scalp, body and pubic area. They survive on human blood. The head lice, body lice and pubic crab lice are completely different from each other. Among them, only the body louse is known to spread diseases. Lice infestation commonly spreads through […]

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How to Check for Lice

Finding head lice can be a very daunting task. It is something that many parents do not want to do. However, each parent needs to learn how to check for lice. If you receive a note from the school stating that head lice is going around, finding them as soon as possible is essential in […]

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Where Do Lice Come From?

 When your child comes back from school with head lice, maybe the first question you are asking yourself is this one: “How did lice come to OUR family?” And you start thinking which of your child’s friends had head lice, and who actually had head lice in the first place. Where do lice come from? […]

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Head Louse Basics

The scientific name of a head louse is pediculus capitis. However, that might be of no interest to you if your kids have returned home from school with head lice. What you might be interested in is to find out how to get rid of these parasites. Here is one thing you should know: you […]

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Can Black People Get Lice?

When a school or a day care center gets infested with head lice, the question arises: can black people get lice, too? Black people have very curly hair and brushing through it would be a very difficult task to manage for getting the lice out. So, do black people get lice and should African American […]

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