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  • head-lice-faqHow do I prevent my child from getting head lice?

The best thing you can do to prevent your child from getting head lice is tell him to really avoid head-to-head contacts with his friends and avoid sharing belongings that come into contact with the head.

If your child does not touch anyone’s head with his hair nor share any belongings, the probability that he catches head lice will be close to zero. If your child is a girl, make sure she has her hair up, as it will help.

You can also use different techniques such as braiding hair, putting hair spray on the hair so that it sticks together (and hair spray will make it harder for lice to cling to the hair).

  • What can I do to keep my child from getting head lice?

If your child is getting head lice whenever he goes back to school, it means that other children still have lice. If this is serious, you can try to talk to the teacher and ask if she or he can do something. Many times school personnel have noted that there are families that do not take the problem seriously and do not treat their kids, who keep on contaminating the other children. Sometimes teachers can play a big role in fighting an existing infestation.

Then, try to tell your kids to really avoid head-to-head contacts with other kids. And you can also use some head lice repellents such as those described below.

  • Is there anything to prevent or repel head lice? Is there a head lice prevention on the market?

There are products that repel head lice and thus help preventing getting head lice. You’ll find them on different websites and on Amazon, or at drugstores. Many are pesticides free. They are based on the idea that head lice are attracted by our human smell, so any flavor strong enough to mask human smell will repel lice. You can also use a few drops of various essential oils such as tea tree, rosemary or lavender.

  • Does tea tree oil really prevent head lice?

Nothing can really prevent head lice 100%. But tea tree oil, as several other essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, coconut or lavender can act as head lice repellents and thus contribute to head lice prevention.

  • Does head & shoulders shampoo prevent you from getting lice? Does head and shoulder shampoo repel lice?

No, Head & Shoulders shampoo cannot prevent anyone from getting head lice and it cannot repel lice. This is an anti-dandruff shampoo, nothing more.

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Kelli Hope April 27, 2011

Im sorry, but I have to disagree with the comment that “Head and Shoulders” shampoo does not repel headlice. I use Head & Shoulders shampoo for my medical condition, Hypothyroidism, which causes dry scalp. My 10 yr old daughter quite often comes home with headlice, as school children do, and uses my hair brush, which she has been forbidden to use. Nevertheless, I have often found live lice in my hair as a result, and with one wash of Head & Shoulders, have had no more itching and, using a lice comb, have found only dead nits. I cannot explain the results, all I know is this works! And that’s fine by me.

Allison June 24, 2011

I have to disagree as well. A few years ago, I noticed my head with itching horribly. Both of my parents had dandruff and always used Head & Shoulders, so I figured that perhaps I too, had it, and used their shampoo. After I got out of the shower, I noticed all these little bugs on my shirt… yes, I had lice! And they were falling out of my hair dead from using nothing other than Head & Shoulders. Of course, I went through with the RID treatment and all to get rid of them. Later, when my daughter started preschool, she came home with lice several times in a short period of time. So I began using the Head & Shoulders on her, and she never got it again. I stopped using it after a while, and then she changed schools… well, she just came home with lice again today, so I used the RID treatment, and starting tomorrow- she will go BACK on the Head and Shoulders. So I have personally witnessed how effective the ingredients in Head & Shoulders can be for lice. I’m not purporting it as a cure… just that it can be effective.

Beth July 9, 2011

I have Four Children. Lice is rampant at our School at the moment. I can honestly say spritzing my children’s hair each morning with a tea tree and water mix. Just a few drops of tea tree oil in a bottle of water has been hugely effective. My friends often comment that I never seem to go through the pains of de-nitting like the rest of the families at our School. I say its literally an ounce (TEA TREE OIL) of prevention!

LD January 8, 2012

Head and Shoulders has the same pH level as toilet bowl cleaner, meaning, it is probaly very toxic to lice. Our hair likes to be at a pH of 2.5-4, where as cleaners are very basic at a pH of 10-14, making it very difficult for lice to thrive. So, as it is a horrible shampoo to use on your hair for other reasons, it very well could be killing the lice.

amanda January 17, 2012

Hi I have four girls with semi short hair.Recently my 5 year old got head lice ugh…I treated everyones heads,washed and dried everything that could be washed and dried,bagged up stuffed animals I literally went on a lice treating clean spree anyhow the lice treatment did nothing!!!! I found that using a white conditioner with nothing in it works the best it helps comb thru the hair and smothers the live lice out and thus making the nits easier to get out.We tried everything to get rid of them including a peppermint oil which did nothing as well.I heard that lice hate the smell of menthol which is one ingredient in head and shoulders shampoo so we use it occasional.Cocount milk is good but can be messy,vinegar white and apple cider vinegar also works amazingly.I am going in the morning and buying this stuff I researched on the net called LICE SHIELD and the ROBI COMB the comb is suppose to detect and zap the lice with a electric current and the lice shield has essential oils in it to keep lice out of hair I sure hope it works though.

Cricket March 3, 2012

I have 3 kids and their school is infested with lice. I have tried all of the above treatments and prevention’s, but nothing has kept them from coming back! I finally tried using head & shoulders on one child and tea tree oil shampoo on the other. I also put some kind of hair product like hair shine or mousse. Put their hair up and spray with hairspray. The 3rd child is a boy, so I shaved his head. The one that I used tea tree oil on still comes back with 1 or 2 nits. The one I used head & shoulders on has been clear of nits & live lice ever since. So Yes! I believe Head & Shoulders works!

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