flat-iron-liceMaybe you’ve heard that heat is a big enemy of head lice. And you may be wondering if a flat iron for lice would be a good solution.

Does a flat iron kill lice and nits? Let us take a look at why that approach may or may not work for getting rid of head lice and their eggs.

It is true that head lice can be destroyed by heat. If they are submitted to a temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, lice will die. If you use a hair dryer or a flat iron at such a temperature, you might manage to kill adult head lice and some nits.


Can you kill lice with a flat iron? Yes, but even if you manage to kill all the live and adult head lice by using a flat iron, it is very improbable that you would be able to kill all the nits. And if any nits remain alive on your hair, you’ll get newly hatched lice crawling in your hair within about 7 to 10 days.

More importantly, you should know that both adult lice and their eggs are very close to the scalp. And as they live close to the scalp, using heating devices for killing head lice can be dangerous, especially on children.

You simply run a risk of burning your or your children’s scalp. And this could destroy more hair follicles than it would kill head lice. This is why it is really not recommended to use a flat iron for lice.


If you have dead nits on your hair, away from your scalp, using a flat iron can help to make dead nits less visible, especially if you have long hair. In this case, using a flat iron can be a good idea, when you don’t use it close to the scalp.

Keep in mind that using a flat iron is not an effective treatment against lice, and it can cause a lot of damage to your scalp. Fortunately, there are many safer treatments and home remedies you can use to fight both adult lice and nits.