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Karla V. – Posted on 2012/03/01

My 5 year old daughter was treated for head lice Saturday. Her head was COMPLETELY covered, it looked like parmesan cheese was sprinkled on her hair. I did not pay any attention to the white specs I saw periodically, we switched shampoo because of dandruff so I thought nothing of lice. I have never had lice and I wasn’t educated on it either. Once my mother told me it was lice, I googled it. Checked her head and sure enough, LICE! I did a store bought treatment (RID) right away.

I cleaned EVERYTHING cleanable, BUT the nits hatched the next day. I googled all night Saturday and Sunday and found this website. I did the olive oil Tuesday night, the aftermath was incredible. The treatment didn’t even allow us to comb out that many nits/nymphs. It is Wednesday night and I have done the Apple Cider Vinegar. It worked WAY better than the RID as well. Continuing with the Olive Oil & Vinegar for the next month. I hope this goes away FOR GOOD, so my baby girl can go back to school. Thank you and those who posted your comments/experience!


Carol G. – Posted on 2012/02/09

There are known scents that lice do not like. You mentioned coconut, lavender, tea tree; mint is also a scent that they do not like. It has been proven that they tend to walk in another direction when coming into contact with these scents. But, if it’s the only head available, they will go regardless of what scent you have on your hair. In my experience a lot of the repellent shampoos and sprays give people a false sense of security. I get a lot of customers who say “I don’t understand why my kid got lice; I use the repellent shampoo everyday”.

The best thing to do is more of “early detection”. Use a good nit comb (a metal one with micro grooving is the best) once a week on your children. This way if they end up getting lice, you will catch it right away. You can still use the repellent everyday but incorporate combing into your schedule.


Mark – Posted on 2012/02/09

Well when my 3 year old got lice from her cousin, I freaked out. I read up on the life cycle and everything else I could find out. Turns out when the bugs are resistant to the poisons they say to use olive oil, so we skipped the poison and went right for the olive oil. Waited, washed, and removed the few nits we could find, washed her linens, and bagged up all her stuffies, for two weeks. The babies hatch out in one to two weeks from the nits but they need to get a blood meal or they will die within a day or two of hatching.

So we just did the oil treatments for three weeks, on Saturdays. Never found another nit or had anymore lice. Whenever they find lice on a kid at her school we just look for nits and do an olive oil treatment. 5 years later and we have never had a re-infestation.


Richie – Posted on 2012/02/08

Wowsers! I used red wine vinegar. It worked really well, the best part is that my daughters thick blonde hair was so easy to comb through for once. Best detangler ever, also her natural colour came back to life 2 fold almost as if it had been bleached and the first thing I noticed, it had cleansed her scalp.

Put vinegar in spray bottle, soak hair and massage through, wait ten minutes and wash out. Comb through. Then use fat mayo, also comb through. Wash out with tea tree oil mixed with shampoo. No conditioner. Cheers Headlicecentre.


Pat – Posted on 2010/11/30

I put a thick layer of conditioner on my daughter’s hair and combed all the adults out, then rinsed her hair. I then put on white vinegar – waiting 15 minutes for it to work in – then combed as many of the eggs out as I could. I then rinsed her hair again and towel dried, and then added more white vinegar. She has gone to bed with it and will wash it out in the morning. This has been an effective treatment a couple of times now.


Beth L. – Posted on 2011/04/17

I used white distilled vinegar for my hair a couple of weeks ago. I burned my eyes badly, but thank god no damage. It was amazing seeing those nits fall into the bucket of vinegar. In my stage of head lice, I had no adult lice, all I had were nits. It came out fine! But I’m going to use the Lice Shampoo to MAKE SURE that nothing is still there! This helps! Thanks!


K – Posted on 2011/05/13

After a breakout of head lice at my children’s elementary school, and recurring problems since, I’ve found initial treatment of vinegar rinse, comb out, vinegar rinse, and then shampoo mixture (shampoo plus a couple drops of tea tree oil and couple drops of lavender oil). Also putting a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil in your shampoo bottle for everyday use keeps the head lice away.


Anna – Posted on 2012/03/10

I have tried every commercial product to rid my daughter of nits over the past three months, and seriously I am at the end of my tether because nothing was working. She has thick, dry hair and I couldn’t seem to get all the eggs out! Even repeatedly combing each strand and those eggs would stay glued to the hair. One night I honestly felt like crying after spending about eight hours treating her over a week. So today I sprayed white vinegar onto her hair, dipping the metal nit comb into a jug of boiling water and HEAPS of eggs came out. I then used a commercial treatment to kill the adults and remaining eggs. I will repeat this until she is clear. Interestingly no-one else in the family is infected.

Friends who are hairdressers say that lice infestation is very common this year, and many families are struggling to get rid of them.


Jessica – Posted on 2012/03/07

We are currently on round 2 of head lice for the 2nd month. We use a spray bottle of store brand mouth cover with shower cap 2 hrs. Then rinse. While head is still wet, spray with another bottle white vinegar cover with another shower cap for 2 hours. Then rinse. Then while still wet, use coconut conditioner for 15 minutes (uncovered) then comb out and leave hair dry either air or preferred blow dryer. Make sure to throw out each shower cap though. Worked for my husband, for me, and now for my teen.


Kathleen – Posted on 2012/03/05

My daughter got lice from school over 3 times and used the Nix cream rinse didn’t work either did that plastic blue comb….I used vinegar and vegetable oil and combed it out with a metal lice comb…and her hair is sooooo clean now ..


Elizabeth – Posted on 2012/03/02

I have used mayonnaise in the past and it worked when the RID treatment didn’t. I left it on my kids’ heads for a few hours, covered with a shower cap, and then shampooed their hair with Dawn dish soap to eliminate the “grease” left by the mayo. After treating 3 girls, 1 boy, and myself this way, we were very satisfied by the results.


goodMom – Posted on 2011/12/20

I have 3 girls and they have all been infested with head lice. It has been a battle for me for about 5 months now. My tow little ones don’t have as much hair and have been manageable but my older daughter has the hair of all 3 of us put together and has been the greatest challenge. I’ve used hair shampoos, washed everything out in hot water daily and spent many evenings removing nits. The problem is still there and I am glad to finally know what will kills the nits!

We are on vacation right now and will take the extra time to completely get rid of these horrible bugs. Thanks for all your comments. Very useful information.


Mara – Posted on 2011/11/29

I want to thank everyone that posted about the mayo and ACV treatment from the bottom of my heart! God damn, i think its f*%king working! I have spent probably around $500 on lice treatments (if not more) and NOTHING seemed to work. I just tried the mayo and ACV and they were ALL DEAD!

Even with the toxic treatments, I would still be combing out half dead lice but not this time. I will treat again in 3 days and then 3 days after that. And will also be spraying their hair each school day with the tea tree oil water. But I now have hope. Thank you so much.


Eve – Posted on 2011/11/18

Thank you so much for this site you have created. You’ve had soo many people that have visited your site because this is soo common and a pain in the ***!!! I followed your steps. I am on day 3 and almost completely egg/nit free for my daughter. I’ve been leaving olive oil over night on her scalp to help soothe the irritation and it has worked. I will wash her hair with vinegar for next couple of days, on day 7 I will do both olive oil then vinegar again.

Thank you so much for offering this free and helpful information it is so appreciated. I have emailed my friends to have your site on their favorites!


Tiggy – Posted on 2011/10/12

Thank you so much for all the great information. I just discovered we had a head lice infestation. I tried an OTC shampoo last week and clearly still have a problem. I am going to try the olive oil and vinegar. I am concerned with so many comments about the ongoing problems people have had. I much prefer the natural remedies to harsh chemicals. Thanks very much for your help.