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General information about head lice, nits, how to identify them. Pictures of head lice and their eggs. Life cycle of head lice. Head lice facts. Transmission and symptoms of head lice.

About home remedies for treating head lice. Articles on lice vinegar, tea tree oil for head lice, head lice olive oil home remedy, mayonnaise treatment, lemon juice, Listerine, alcohol, Vaseline, hair dye, and more.

About chemical and natural head lice treatments. Natural treatments cover nit combs, olive oil, vinegar and essential oils. Chemical treatments cover all the major commercial products and head lice shampoos with a focus on Nix lice treatment and RID head lice treatment.

How to prevent head lice with common sense and a few natural remedies.

You’ll learn more about the differences between head lice and scabies, as well as how to recognize scabies, how to treat them and how to treat your home after an infestation.