Before you start any head lice treatment, it’s important to learn more about head lice and nits. Watch this award-winning video, and then check out our featured articles as well as our free resources below.

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Every single year head lice affect tens of millions of children worldwide. There are many myths and beliefs about head lice and lice treatment that are still alive today. Having head lice is disgusting for most of us and it is still a shame for many parents when their own children come back home with lice and nits.

Commercial lice treatments that are approved by the FDA don’t always work, and they may also have undesirable side-effects people don’t know about.Home remedies have not been proven to work scientifically; however many people are using them with success.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to head lice; however, combing out of both lice and nits is a crucial factor of success. And once you’ve managed to get rid of lice, good prevention measures can also help you avoid future infestations.



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Stories of Moms and Dads who have been there and who are sharing their head lice treatment experience.They have successfully eliminated head lice for good and sent their kids back to school!

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